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You May Qualify For Prescription Assistance


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Our service allows patients in Africa to apply for Patient Assistance Programs.

These programs are put in place to allow those who qualify to receive brand-name medications

at little or no cost.

The problem with Patient Assistance Programs is that many of the individuals who qualify either don’t know

these programs exist, or have tried to apply but found the process difficult and confusing.

That’s where we come in.



We work with you, your doctors, and pharmacists to prepare each application.


Once prepared, we file your applications.


Once approved, we handle all ongoing work associated with your medication, 

Programs available for over 100

brand-name medications

We Can Make a Difference in Your Life


I acknowledge that by submitting the contact form above, I'm authorizing CIF Health, to contact me by telephone or email at the telephone number or email address provided. CIF Health is not a Pharmacy nor are we an Insurance Company, we are Advocates that help individuals apply for Patient Assistance Programs. CIF Health does not prescribe or handle medication, increase or decrease dosages, or offer medical advice. We help you to apply for Patient Assistance Programs to receive brand-name medications at little cost.